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How to solve "user locked out due to failed logins" in vSphere vMA

In vSphere 6, if the vi-admin account get locked because of too many failed logins, and you don't have the root password of the appliance, you can reset the account(s) using these steps: reboot the vMA from GRUB, "e"dit the entry "a"ppend init=/bin/bash "b"oot # pam_tally2 --user=vi-admin --reset # passwd vi-admin # Optional. Only if you want to change the password for vi-admin. # exit reset the vMA log in with vi-admin These steps can be repeated for root or any other account that gets locked out. If you do have root or vi-admin access, "sudo pam_tally2 --user=mylockeduser --reset" would do it, no reboot required.

VCSA detailed sizing options

The vCenter Server Appliance in vSphere6 can be deployed as "tiny", "small", "medium", and "large". The deployment wizard gives info about the vCPU and vRAM consequences of this choice, and about the total disk size of the appliance. But as there's 11 (eleven!) disks attached to the VCSA appliance, it's worth looking into which disks get a different size. Tiny Small Medium Max hosts 10 100 400 Max VMs 100 1000 4000 vCPU 2 4 8 vRAM 8 16 24 Disk size 120 150 300 disk0 / and /boot 12 12 12 disk1 /tmp/mount 1,3 1,3 1,3 disk2 swap 25 25 50 disk3 /storage/core 25 50 50 disk4 /storage/log 10 10 25 disk5 /storage/db 10 10 25 disk6 /storage/dblog 5 5 10 disk7 /storage/seat 10 25 50 disk8 /storage/netdump 1 1 10 disk9 /storage/autodeploy 10 10 25 disk10 /storage/invsvc 5 10 25 N.B. I currently don't have the config data for "large". This table can help if your environment is growing slightly or wildly beyond th