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getting rid of numeric codes in mc2xml output

mc2xml is a TV schedule grabber that can be used for MythTV. The output of mc2xml (why isn't this program opensource, by the way ?) is in the xmltv format, but the channel names are rather cryptic. I don't want to see "", but rather "ned 3". Getting rid of these codes is easy with a small shell script . mc2xml -c be -g 3000 cat ~/channelconvert.txt | while read line do sed -e "s/$line/g" -i xmltv.xml done Where channelconvert.txt contains lines such as Then input it in your database with mythfilldatabase. Happy pvr-ing !

goosync works

Last week, I decided to buy a goosync subscription. I thought about this for a long time, and now a Christmas special convinced me. And honestly, I shouldn't have postponed it. Setup on my E71 was so easy I was amazed it worked as quickly as it did. Talking about my availability with my clients without firing up my laptop and connecting it to the network to open my Google Calendar, that's what I bought a smartphone for. There are a couple of improvements that could be made, like not requiring labels for every single calendar that needs to be synced (why add a label to a week-numbering calendar, or a public holiday calendar ?). Allround verdict: great service !