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downloading protected/embedded videos - the hard way

Charged with the task to save a news broadcast for posteriority, I wanted to download a video that was only available through an embedded "JW Player" videoplayer on a website. Time was not on my side: the video would be purged from the site within a week.

In the HTML source of the webpage containing the video, I found tags like
data-video-iphone-path="GEO2013/09/230916509ONL1309244843676.GeoMP4_H.264.m4vor (from another video)data-video-rtmp-path="2009/11/132628352ONL0911177754876.urlFLVLong.flv"but I couldn't get a clear URL out of the page's source code (URLs anonymized to protect involved parties).
After a bit of research (a.o. channeling browser traffic through a proxy and looking at the URLs being requested), the files used by the JW Player were still a mystery to me, but I found the server that was hosting the iphone video files: iphone.WXYpower…